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2022 CEEQA Gala – archive

We made magic again

29 June, Wyscigi, Warsaw


What a Gala! We welcomed more than 700 guests for the return of the CEE/SEE property sector’s flagship event on 29 June, Wyscigi, Warsaw and made magic again…

Making magic and happiness have always been the DNA of CEEQA, and of the CEE/SEE property sector and last night’s Gala was no exception.

Full review coming soon….

Be happy

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Firstly, we’re very happy to be back. Secondly, happiness is important; if the pandemic experience has taught us one thing it is to value lives and life, among our species and among nature, maybe than the capital growth?

Our cues and themes for the editorial and visual work around CEEQA, and within the Gala itself, are an important part of the overall colour and appeal, as well as conveying a message about the ideas and ambitions of the real estate sector and the world at large.

Happiness is our theme this year – the importance of it, in the context of the challenges of a challenging and damaging pandemic, the threats and fears of climate change, and the terrors and traumas of war in our own back garden.

We bring you our take on the value and importance of the S in ESG, our thematic focus and event concept as we spring back to life: workforce happiness, community happiness, human happiness.

We pleased to present the “Happiness Gala”.

We survived! 

You thought 2019 was good with 900 guests, 23 awards, and the Boomtown Rats?

How about the first live public performance in Europe post-pandemic of I WILL SURVIVE by legendary high priestess of pop GLORIA GAYNOR

That’s one reason for this year’s theme of “Happiness” that infused the editorial features and uplifting return of the CEE/SEE property sector’s major annual showcase, right? Some will remember Gloria performing “live to track” at the CEEQA@Mipim party in 2012 – a decade ago!

This time it’s the real deal, full band live show, don’t miss it for the world!

At the end of the pandemic, and with a war raging on our doorstep. A moment in history as well as CEEQA history. At Wyscigi racecourse in Warsaw. 


And that’s not all, anyone who knows CEEQA knows there was the usual eye-popping and feet-tapping mix of live performers, DJs, visual magic, extraordinary features and bars, unbelievable catering, the legendary no-limits CEEQA afterparty (and after-after-parties across town), and of course our regular mime troupe Mimello providing colour and life as well as their most important job of shepherding guests to their preferred destinations. Every detail counts.

Check regularly for updates on this year’s Gala entertainment offerings as we move through the gears to bring you the CEEQA Gala of yore, with added bang!

We go again. Quality still matters

The high calibre business mixing, unparalleled hospitality and production, the elegant champagne reception and dining, legendary no-limits afterparty and the awards themselves that provide the unique experience and value of the CEEQA Gala are important. Not to mention plenty of other entertainment surprises we have in store. But are they more important than happiness?

And of course, the presiding over proceedings, the ever present Monika Richardson, who was joined on stage by CEEQA’s new CEO, Svetlana Fedosova, and Chairman Richard Hallward.

The CEEQA Gala, organised since 2003, has raised the bar – and the roof – for business events. Now is the perfect time to show the international property arena what is special about the CEE/SEE property market place, in partnership with Deloitte and Warsaw Business Journal,

All on a summer night.

GETTING THERE: Join us for the best CEEQA Gala ever, guaranteed.

(This is a good time to give a very big high-five to the fabulous high priestess of disco for generously standing by us throughout the disruption, having been booked in for the 2020 Gala. Thank you!)


IMPORTANT NOTICE, AWARDS: The 2022 edition of the awards , as usual, recognised all buildings delivered, and all business performance, during the previous calendar year. To recognise activity during the pandemic in 2020, CEEQA presented two unique awards, for Resilience Building and Resilience Company.

Commercial partnerships, delivery and entertainment commitments, and pre-pandemic plans for an “Aiming4NetZero” CEEQA Gala at Warsaw’s fabled Wyscigi racecourse – the new location for the curtailed 2020 edition – have been reignited with the aim of bringing back the sector’s most valued industry recognition and showcase event stronger than ever.


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