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Excellence matters: 2020 Visions

Update: New date set for ‘three in one’ 2020/21/22 CEEQA Gala – 18 May 2022.

With all provisions and arrangements successfully transferred a new date for the 2020 CEEQA Gala is now set for 18 May 2022, with 2020/2021 award entries and judging folded into the 2022 edition, among a number of schedule and technical changes.


Our most important focus each year is to deliver a well organised, reliable and trustable industry awards campaign with the purpose of recognising and celebrating the successes and success stories of the sector year. In its 17th year, CEEQA has built the trust of senior and respected operators in the market place, many of whom have interacted with the platform at various levels as judges, speakers, collaborators or commercial partners, becoming acquainted with the rigour and vigour with which the awards process is approached, and the value placed on them by the market.

If the results are reliable and trustable, the second part is easier. Bringing the sector leaders together once a year for a world class showcase of the achievements and the opportunities of the sector to the global investment arena. The value of this aspect is its contribution to improving over time the perception of the CEE and SEE real estate markets as a vibrant and reliable market place, with the accrued benefits that provides to all market participants. This is where the CEEQA Gala comes in.

The third part of our work is market insight. Reading between the lines of these interactions with the elite product and elite players in the sector to glean, analyse and understand the important issues they face and the wider regional and global forces, or mega trends, that are most likely to impact on their business, and the sector itself, in the future.

Aiming for NetZero

This year’s topic is whether we’re aiming hard enough for NetZero building and business. Not just in this sector, but everywhere.

We ask this question because over the past year we’ve frequently been asked whether there is a place any longer for our well regarded Green Leadership Awards, in place since 2011 following a series of Insight events and reports analysing the business case for green building (The Green Debate, The Green Debate 2, and RealGreen Symposium), when “all buildings are green now”.

Certainly there has been a lot of emphasis on, and tangible progress in, sustainable building and business over the past decade and progress in this sector has arguably been more dynamic and progressive than many developed markets. This is partly because knowledge and consciousness of the impact of buildings on the climate and the environment has evolved, but also because of increasing supply chain pressure driven ultimately by changing tenant demand and facilitated by certification standards.

But are we in fact, as a regional and global sector with a strong stake in the climate challenge, doing enough fast enough? Or has a level of sustainability exhaustion and complacency set in at a time when the climate challenge appears to be strenghtening?

It’s a big question and one which we aim to assess and address over the course of the 2020 programme with a series of reports and activities in collaboration with Deloitte, RICS, Warsaw Business Journal and other key partners, including the launch of a new set of awards to replace the Green Leadership Awards asking tougher questions of buildings and business, the Climate Emergency Innovation Awards, and an attempt to stage a fully NetZero carbon, energy, water and waste CEEQA Gala.


The published Review Report includes the full 2019 results listing .

It also includes our annual “CEEQA Insights”, taking a deep dive this year into current and future possibilities and impact of AI developments on real estate investment in collaboration with Warsaw Business Journal, as well as a more detailed look at this year’s Deloitte Predictions for the future of real estate than we published earlier this year in conjunction with the Gala.

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