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Footfall rents the future of retail?

6L1A6298There are real challenges ahead for shopping centre landlords, adapting to the new demands presented by the rapidly changing digital retail environment. But the end is not nigh according to the panel of experts convened at CEEQA@Mapic 2014 in Cannes, addressing The Future of Fashion Retail in New Europe.

Online fashion retail, it seems could prove to be the ally not the enemy of bricks and mortar retail in the future as the digital revolution unravels. Far from driving customers off the shop floor, the cost of customer returns coupled with the advantages of in-store cross-selling and up-selling is encouraging online fashion retailers in particular to drive their returns customers back onto the shop floor, providing landlords with an opportunity to exploit — as long as rents can be linked to footfall as well as tenant turnover in the future.


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