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CEEQA presenter Monika Zamachowska shoots for the 8-ball

Interview with Monika Zamachowska by WBJ Observer

WBJ Observer: How long have you been with CEEQA?

61 2015_04_13_CEEQA_kolacja_Bristol-105Monika Zamachowska: This is my eighth year. I have the impression that I have always been involved with CEEQA and every time I get together with Richard and the team I feel like I’m part of something big and important.

A lot has changed over that time, hasn’t it? Do you remember how big CEEQA was back then? How has it developed over the years?

It has become a fully professional operation and considering it is our (Polish) specialty to change everything in the last minute and to have the best ideas just minutes before they can be put into practice, I know that Richard has put up with a lot and changed a lot in the way CEEQA is perceived by both locals and the key players on the market.

IMGL1331Has the perception of CEE and SEE real estate markets changed as well? How big a role has CEEQA played in it?

It definitely has and most of it happened thanks to true economic change and progress taking place in these markets. We have become more attractive to investors and to commercial initiatives coming from Western Europe. But CEEQA’s role must not go unnoticed. It’s a serious enterprise with huge influence on the image of leading companies in the real estate business. One simply doesn’t forgo the CEEQA Gala or the MIPIM award announcements or the various events in-between if one wants to have anything to say in this business today across the CEE and SEE markets.

Any memorable moments related to the events you like to reflect upon?

60a IMG_0463There were many moments, especially during jury meetings or during the Galas when I thought I was a part of history being made in my country and one that I will be proud of. I love it when buildings in Poland get the RealGreen awards or Polish professionals get nominated for the Professional of the Year award. I realize that this organization has greatly helped to improve the perception of the marketplace in this part of Europe and I am hoping to be involved with it for years to come.

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