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CEEQA@Mipim: Cock Robin revives the memories

 15th March 2016, Palais des Festivals, Cannes

CEEQA@Mipim2016_57-6509_1024Celebrated COCK ROBIN duo Peter Kingsbery and Anna LaCazio rolled back the years with  a beautiful private one-off reunion concert for guests at CEEQA@Mipim 2016 with a roll call of their past hits including When Your Heart is Weak and Remember the Promise you Made.

The concert was the centre piece of the 2016 edition of CEEQA@Mipim which included an insight panel From future office to musical chairs as well as announcement of the 2016 CEEQA Short List and presentation of the year’s RealGreen Awards for leadership and innovation and green building in New Europe.

CEEQA@Mipim2016_GioliGuests were also treated to lounge sessions by Milan based musician, DJ/Producer and Youtube sensation Gioli Lipari.

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