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    • Samir Mane


      Balfin Group

    • Samir Mane, Chairman, Balfin Group

      Samir was born in the southern Albanian city of Korça and was a student at the Faculty of Geology and Mining at the University of Tirana when the Communist system in Albania collapsed. In the new social and political situation he emigrated to Austria where in 1992 he recognized an opportunity trading in electronics and home appliances, establishing Alba-Trade and commencing operations of NEPTUN in 1993, now the biggest electronics chain in Albania and one of the largest in Western Balkans, and the starting point of one of the most successful businessmen in Albania.

      With his experience and intuition Samir has managed to expand his businesses in many different areas from shopping malls (QTU, TEG, Skopje City Mall), construction (Mane TCI), logistics (Tirana Logistics Park), mineral industry (AlbChrome), retail (NEPTUN, Jumbo, Carrefour, Fashion group), agriculture (Balfin Agro TC), tourism (Green Coast and Vala Mar Residences) etc. Today he is considered by peers as one of the most successful business people in Albania and the region, owning and managing companies that operate in Albania, Austria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Italy, Dubai, USA and Greece.


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Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine

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