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2022 Aiming 4 NetZero Awards

Right here, right now

CEEQA 2022 sees the end of its awards for Green Leadership in CEE & SEE real estate in place since 2011, replaced by a new set of Aiming 4 NetZero Awards.

The new awards replace our previous awards for Green Leadership, seeking to measure and recognise real progress towards NetZero environmental balance in building and business.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 2022 edition of the awards will, as usual, recognise all buildings delivered, and all business performance, during the previous calendar year. To recognise activity during the pandemic in 2020, CEEQA will present two unique awards, for Resilience Building and Resilience Company.

Real progress: Aiming 4 NetZero

The awards are not for the faint-hearted, They aim to capture in depth “environmental impact audit” data showing actual results on a statistical and percentage-progress basis compared with modelled or real baseline figures and future targets, alongside “for dummies like me” highlight activities denoting a serious drive for NetZero buildings and business, from carbon footprint measuring and offsetting audit measurements to the uptake and impact of renewable energy solutions, parking facilities and showers for cyclists, and policy on the presence of reusable plastics in the office.

The goal has been to make the awards user-friendly and judge-friendly enough not to frighten our target audience, but which accurately present and reflect the most important and most current business values and technical features for carbon, energy, water and waste balance, together with value chain, supply chain and community impacts. 

For a full summary of the background reasons, rational and timing of the new award categories visit our 2020 Aiming 4 NetZero page.

What it takes

A NetZero building and business is one whose carbon reduction and resource conservation, combined with recycling and offsetting initiatives, results in a net environmental impact balance figure of zero percent. By comparison, a Net-Negative building is one that produces more water and renewable energy onsite that it needs to function, and whose carbon and waste reduction, offsetting and recycling credit exceeds its total output.

The two new awards are:

Aiming 4 NetZero Building of the Year for new developments (new build projects), or redevelopments (refurbishment or renewal projects), or existing buildings showing technical and advocacy leadership in Net Zero building in CEE & SEE. The award is sponsored by CMS.

Aiming 4 NetZero Company of the Year for companies active in any area of commercial real estate business in the CEE & SEE market place.

The awards will be judged according to the following key criteria:

  • Progress towards NetZero balance showing highlight achievements as well as actual environment performance data including documentary evidence illustrating active pursuit of carbon, energy, water and waste balance as well as value chain, supply chain and community impacts
  • Innovation showing new ideas, approaches or execution models that enhance effectiveness and results in NetZero building and business
  • Future targets showing commitment to improvement with actual performance targets

For information about how to enter all CEEQA 2022 award categories, go here.

Excellence matters, So does Net Zero!

We’re doing our bit at CEEQA too! We can’t blow the Net Zero trumpet without joining the band.

Guests can expect a few changes at the Gala this year as we set out to change the way we do things too, demonstrating practical engagement and commitment to the new standard ourselves with an attempt to deliver a NetZero CEEQA Gala in Warsaw on 28 June 2022.

If you have any ideas you’d like to share with us you’re welcome to feed them in, contact us at info@ceeqa.com.



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