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2020 CEEQA Gala

The annual CEEQA Gala needs no introduction and never disappoints.

The sector’s main industry awards and flagship annual gathering and industry awards is renowned for walking the tightrope between the boardroom and the circus like no other business event with its unique blend of elite business, unparalleled hospitality, world class entertainment and 900 of the market’s most influential business leaders and decision makers from more than 50 countries gathering to celebrate the successes and success stories of the industry year.

From the glamour of the champagne reception and gala dinner to the legendary CEEQA afterparty including bars, bands and more, the climax of the sector’s most prized and trusted industry awards is a must-attend for anyone involved in “New Europe” real estate.

The 2019 edition saw Panattoni Europe crowned overall Company of the Year and four awards each for Skanska and JLL, with iconic band The Boomtown Rats leading an array of entertainment highlights. The award for Lifetime Achievement in Real Estate was presented to Pawel Debowski of Dentons, whose legal team was successful for the 14th time in 16 editions of CEEQA since its inception under a variety of corporate flags – see our 2019 Review for all details.

There’s only one CEEQA Gala.



SAVE THE DATE / TICKETS: The 17th edition of the CEEQA Gala will take place on 22nd April 2020 at Minska 65, Warsaw from 7pm. Tickets for the event are available including ticket and package prices on our Book Tickets page, or email us at info@ceeqa.com. Tickets are always in high demand so we advise to book early to avoid disappointment.


Are we guaranteed to be on the short list if we entered or buy a Gala table?
No. We have worked hard with Deloitte over many years to create and sustain a truly trustable and fair industry awards for the sector where only hard business results count and no favours are shown in any way, unlike 99% of industry awards. That was our aim, along with building the best business event in history. If that doesn’t suit you then by all means go somewhere else 🙂 

Is it compulsory to buy a Gala ticket to enter the awards?
Not at all, the awards are total free entry without any hooks, if entrants would like to attend the Gala in case of success, we’ll be pleased to assist. Full info on our Book Tickets page.

Do short-listed candidates get free or discounted Gala tickets?
As a rule, no. The awards are free to enter but not everything can be free, we hope the appeal and value of the CEEQA Gala speaks for itself after 16 years – and particularly for short-listed entrants. However we do make some exceptions for local companies that have never been short-listed before, just email us at info@ceeqa.com to enquire. 

How many seats at a table? 
Usually ten seats per table, however we can make exceptions for 11 guests with sufficient notice if an additional ticket is purchased. We don’t recommend at all trying 12 seats at a table.

If we buy a company table can we bring an advertising roll-up?
Absolutely no. Not even our biggest commercial sponsors and partners are allowed to bring roll-ups, which is what has kept the aesthetic and mood of the CEEQA Gala uniquely special.

If we buy an individual ticket, or a few individual tickets but not a whole table, where will we be seated?
You will be placed at a mixed table with care and sensitivity to your networking needs. Sponsored tables naturally get preferential location to mixed tables, and we reserve the right to seat guests appropriately according to date of booking, etc, however as we know almost everyone in the market well and who they would prefer – or prefer not – to site next to, we tend to get it right and have had very few complaints over 16 years.

What is the schedule/itinerary of the evening?
It’s very simple – the Champagne Reception starts at 7pm, followed by the Dinner & Awards Ceremony around 8.30pm, followed by the famous CEEQA After-Party from 10.30pm approx. until late. Very late.

What time does the event start?
As is widely advertised the doors open at 7pm on 22nd April for the Champagne Reception, we recommend arriving before 7.30pm to avoid a scrum at coat check and registration. 

What time does the awards ceremony start?
Dinner starts at 8.30pm approx. and the awards ceremony is run concurrently during dinner, we strongly recommend arriving well before as the Champagne Reception is something not to be missed, as much as the famous CEEQA afterparty.

What time does the event end?
Very late. Certainly not before 3am.



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