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We stand resolutely with our national partner Ukraine

As one of the 18 CEE & SEE country markets within CEEQA’s coverage, we stand fully with Ukraine and Ukrainian defenders of their homeland, refugees and their relatives everywhere at this hugely difficult time following the recent Russian invasion and ongoing war.

Numerous awards have been won by Ukrainian projects and companies across the 17 years of CEEQA and many Ukraine based professionals have participated on the CEEQA Jury, and attended CEEQA events including the gala.

In solidarity with Ukraine:

  • Entries from Ukraine for the qualifying years will be warmly received. We will work with our colleagues and associates active in Ukrainian territory to avoid any barriers to entry, and will accept entries in any format
  • Representatives of any Ukraine based award entrants will be offered a free-of-charge ticket to the CEEQA Gala. Further actions by CEEQA and its partners to support Ukraine and Ukrainians affected by the ongoing war and future redevelopment are also being considered.

In addition we will consult widely with sector leaders on what further positive action we and the sector can do to support Ukraine.

Please contact us directly to facilitate and we will help in any way we can, or if you have an idea of how we can all work together and separately to help.


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