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Lifetime Achievement in Real Estate

SHOOTING STAR: Panattoni’s Robert Dobrzycki honoured with 2024 CEEQA award for Lifetime Achievement in Real Estate

Robert Dobrzycki is among the most compelling success stories of the Central & Eastern European real estate market since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Few would argue he is highly deserving of CEEQA’s most prestigious recognition for significant and durable achievement and contribution to the CEE real estate sector, as the youngest recipient of the award so far in CEEQA history. We are honoured to include Robert among the pantheon of winners of our Lifetime Achievement in Real Estate award.

Having got his start in real estate, fresh from university, with small American warehouse developer in Poland, Menard Doswell & Co., Robert Dobrzycki has risen to become a household name in commercial real estate in central & Eastern Europe. An encounter in Warsaw a few years later with the founder of another American developer, Panattoni, resulted in a partnership building a European platform from scratch which thrust a young Dobrzycki into the mainstream as CEO & Co-owner Panattoni Europe, UK, Middle East and India, a company, today towering as the largest industrial developer in Europe and the dominant developer per sqm in CEE.

Dobrzycki’s visionary leadership and strategic acumen have not only catapulted Panattoni to the zenith of industrial real estate in Europe but have also spearheaded the company’s expansion into 19 European countries, Middle East and Asia. Under his stewardship, Panattoni has delivered an astonishing 15 million square meters of industrial space in Poland and 22 million across Europe, reshaping the continent’s industrial landscape. His efforts in promoting sustainable development, through the “Go Earthwise with Panattoni” initiative, have set new standards in eco-friendly construction, emphasising BREEAM-certified developments and fostering a greener, more sustainable industrial environment.

While still young enough to do it all again, few can argue that the level of success achieved by Dobrzycki and his team over the past 20 years is not one of the great stories of the CEE & SEE property sector, and fully deserving as the recipient this year of the CEEQA award for Lifetime Achievement in Real Estate.

The award is for sustained and significant contribution to the growth and investment appeal of the sector. Dobrzycki follows a long line of transcendent leadership figures to have received the award.

He will be presented with the award at this year’s CEEQA Gala, the highlight award of the evening. CEEQA is the main industry awards and flagship annual event for commercial real estate in central & eastern Europe and southeast Europe organised in association with PwC.

On being informed of the award, Robert Dobrzycki said: “To receive this prestigious industry recognition on behalf of Panattoni is a signal of the team’s culture of success and outstanding achievement in the European market place built over the past 20 years. We’re proud to receive this award.”

More than 600 guests will attend this year’s CEEQA Gala in Warsaw to celebrate industry successes during the past calendar year.

Our congratulations to Robert Dobrzycki.

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