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Digital revolution a long game for shopping centres, a short and long game for sheds

6L1A0891Online retail is in the foot hills of its evolution and pioneering stages of development, it is virtually impossible to imagine what it will look like 20, 30, 100 years the same way the same way we couldn’t imagine email, the internet and smart phones 30 years ago − but one thing is certain, it will need exponentially more distribution centres, and different kinds of distribution centres and storage centres to those we know today, while traditional shopping centres are going to need to adapt significantly, at significant investment outlay, to keep pace, or to survive.

So said Amazon’s EMEA Real Estate head Raimund Paetzmann, and so said a panel of international commercial real estate and retail experts at the CEEQA@Mipim Insight Summit in Cannes in March 2014.

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